Dispelling the toxic beliefs about what it takes to become healthier, we are passionate about creating a movement that empowers and encourages individuals; supporting them on their journey of self development from the inside out.

Introducing - Good Kulture. 


The Good Kulture approach to health and fitness is all about making lifestyle changes that stick, overcoming the struggle of staying consistent in your routine and striking a healthy balance with other commitments in daily life. 


Our mission is to make your ‘Pathway 2 Fit’ as straightforward and rewarding as possible! 


Good Kulture Club is made up of a group of like minded people who refuse to buy into the damaging and superficial culture that you see in the health and fitness industry today.


Led by Head Coach Corinne Humphreys, members of the Good Kulture Club gain access to a plethora of workout plans, ranging from running programmes that will get you to your first 5K and beyond, to programmes that will build and strengthen muscles of the whole body.


With both gym and home workouts included, enjoy taking full control of your fitness no matter where you are! Complete with your own personal profile, you'll be able to access 100's of workouts, tracking your progress along the way. All exercises are complete with in-app demo videos, helping you to build confidence in your movements, knowing exactly what's what! 

Nutrition covered? Check! Every month we send out our members only recipe guide, 'Taste The Kulture', giving you all of the food inspo you need to create healthy but delicious dishes. 


The best bit - Our qualified coaches are on hand daily to provide you with additional support to help guide and support your journey. 


Our mission is simple, we want to make fitness, fit in.

It’s the Good Kulture Way!

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Good Kulture Club ?

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Whether you’re trying to feel stronger and healthier, or want to take a close look at how you can adopt better daily habits, training with the Good Kulture Coaches will help you get on the right track to building a fitter and happier version of yourself!

As well as weekly 1-2-1 sessions and a solo workout plan, you will also receive personalised nutrition guidance. 

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