At times, it’s easy to lose direction when trying to stay on top of your fitness and general wellbeing - But there comes a moment when you realise that you’re ready to regain control over how you look, feel and perform!

Introducing - Good Kulture®


The Good Kulture approach to health and fitness will help you to overcome the struggle of sticking to a consistent routine; striking a healthy balance with the other aspects of daily life. 

By welcoming Good Kulture into your fitness journey, our coaches will work along side you to bring structure, motivation and results - changing your relationship with your health for the long haul.


Our mission is to make your ‘Pathway 2 Fit’ as straightforward and rewarding as possible! 

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Whether you’re trying to feel stronger and healthier, or still trying to burn off some of that excess lockdown weight,  training with the Good Kulture Coaches will help you get on the right track to building a fitter and happier version of yourself!

Included in Personal Training Packages:

  • Block of 5 or 10 Face-to-Face
    or Online Sessions

    (1-2 times a week)


  • Personalised Nutrition Guidance
    (Including macronutrient breakdown & monthly meal guide


  • Solo Workout Programme
    (Workout plan to follow outside of PT Sessions)



It’s always the right time for your fitness and wellbeing to become a priority. 

Good Kulture Kamp is a bi-monthly 30 day fitness programme designed specifically to help individuals draw attention back to their own self-care routines; working closely with our coaches to adopt a lifestyle of regular exercise, healthier eating, rest and recovery. 

Included in the programme:

  • Personalised Workout Plan

  • Personalised Nutrition Guidance

  • Personal Coach 

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Exclusive only to Good Kulture Club members, our coaches have created a series of workout programmes to keep you consistent in your journey of conquering your ultimate health and body goals. New programmes are regularly updated to your profile to keep things fresh, fun and challenging!

Offering strength, cardio and full body stretching plans, our style of training focuses on building the key components of fitness; guiding you on the road to transforming your body and mindset.


Our mission is to make fitness, fit into your lifestyle.

It’s the Good Kulture Way!

Included in your monthly subscription:

  • Gym & Home Workout Programmes -
    covering all areas from full-body toning, muscle building, core strengthening, stretching & running. 

  • Monthly Meal Guides - including vegan guides  

  • Daily Support From Your Personal Coach - 
    via our in-app messaging platform

  • Special Rates on Massage Treatments from our in-house therapists. 

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