Corinne Humphreys 

Founder & Lead Fitness Coach 

Guiding and motivating individuals to conquer their ultimate mind, body and fitness goals is why I started Pathway 2 Fit.


I believe that everyone has an inner physical and mental strength that is the source of high self-esteem, happiness and self fulfilment. 


Taking my experience of realising my own inner strengths and capabilities through the lessons learned from balancing competitive sport with my everyday life, 

I have created a fitness and wellbeing movement that is calling out to those who often feel like they overlook their fitness and wellbeing due to a hectic lifestyle.

We have teamed up with specialists in sport and exercise, nutrition and mindfulness to help deliver our range of services. 


My mission is simple - by providing engaging and effective fitness training, I aim to make it easy for people to incorporate fitness and wellbeing into their lifestyle.


We always encourage people to 


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